Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico Region Website of the 2000 National Ocean Partnership Program's - Distributed Ocean Data System Program.  I hope to populate this website with useful information related to DODS, FDGC metadata,  shared data sets,  cooperative efforts, contacts, and other related information.

Here is the final report of the Gulf of Mexico Regional Workshop held at Stennis, MS on 31-October - 2 November 2000.  It's in pdf format.

Html versions of the: National Workshop (April 2001), the synthesis of Regional meetings, the four regional meetings (Gulf Coast, Southeast, Northeast, & Westcoast), and the ESRI/GIS Technical interchange meetings can be found here.

01/13/02 This one escaped my attention until today. Looks like it's been up for 6 months or more.  It's the data from the MMS-sponsored study of the DeSoto Canyon performed by SAIC Inc. Lots of current meter (single point and ADCP),
and temperature time series from 1997-1999.  (http://www.saicocean.com). Check it out.

10/30/01 NDBC has recently implemented a DODS server and offers observations for the month of September 2001 from NDBC's  twenty-five stations located in the Gulf of Mexico.  The October 2001 data will be added to the server in late November. (http://dods.ndbc.noaa.gov/)

This host is DODS enabled. Click on the data button to see what data sets we are offering. --