This study is sponsored by the U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS) and consists of a series of nine oceanographic surveys in the region between the coast and the 1000m isobath from the Mississippi River delta to Tampa, Florida. Data collected include continuous vertical profiles of conductivity and temperature vs depth and discrete measurements of dissolved oxygen, particulate organic carbon, phytoplankton pigments, and total suspended material. ADCP current measurements and XBT profiles are made while underway. Expanded information on the scientific mission of this study can be found here.

MMS sponsors several other concurrent physical oceanographic studies in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. These study units are listed here along with pointers to their associated websites and program managers.

Chemical Oceanography and Hydrography Study
Data, Plots, Plans, Cruise Reports, Information, Photos, etc.

Cruise N1: 16-26 November 1997 (completed)
Cruise N2: 4-15 May 1998 (completed)
Cruise N3: 25 July - 09 August 1998 (completed)
Cruise N4: 12-25 November 1998 (completed)
Cruise N5: 15-28 May 1999 (completed)
Cruise N6: 15-28 August 1999 (completed)
Cruise N7: 12-23 November 1999 (completed)
Cruise N8: 14-26 April 2000 (completed)
Cruise N9: 28 July - 8 August 2000 Completed

Data Portal: (Note! The username is negom Password cohs.) All Cruises

These two programs maintain moorings and conduct surveys in the NEGOM region.

Ancillary data on hand

Gulf of Mexico Jump Station

Satellite Data & Assimilation Models

Sources of Ancillary Data for the NEGOM Region

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